Author Jörg Schiemann

Since I moved (with gbak) my database to a new computer I get the
error "Cannot open cursor without key data".
It happens when I add a new record in a grid, write the values in the
fields and then use the tabkey to the next new record, now I get the error.
If I save the record first with the updatebar and then use
the tabkey to get another new record, the error doesn't appear.
The Keylink of the TIB_QUERY is set to the primary key.

I don't even use a TIB_CURSOR control in this form.

If I move the database back to the old server it works
as usual and I don't get this error.

New Server:
Redhat 9.0
FirebirdSS 1.03

Old Server:
Redhat 7.3
Firebird 1.01

IBObjects 4.2.HC on Delphi6

Why do I get this error?

Thanks in Advance for any help.