Subject Multiple SQL Statements in Edit-/Insert-/DeleteSQL

is it possible to have multiple SQL statements in the Edit-, Insert- or
Delete SQL fields in a TIB_Query?
I'd like to do something like this in an InsertSQL:

insert into foo( a, b ) values ( :a, :b );
insert into bar( c ) values ( :c );

because the select looks like

select a, b, c from foo left join bar on

and I don't want to add a stored procedure for this more
or less trivial task.
I can't use the BeforeInsert event, because bar depends
on foo (foreign key set).
And I can't use AfterInsert because I'd have to Refresh the
data after I've done the insert.

OnCustomInsert would work, but the InsertSQL is less
to type and maintain, IMHO.

Daniel Albuschat

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