Subject Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window + update buttons
Author jaguarius2003

I just noticed a bit of a bug in my IBO program that I dont know how
to fit. This is happening on several forms, but I will just describe
one. I have a form with a full set of edit controls for 2 different
datasets, along with the required TIB_Edits for each.

Now, if you click insert, type in one field, and forget a reqired
field and hit post you get an error - fine.


If you hit insert, and then immediately hit post afterward, you get a
"cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" error. It took me a
while to figure out that you get this error when you don't click on
one the fields on the page to give it focus before hitting post.

The question is, how can I make sure one of my fields has focus so I
dont get this error? If I haven't been clear enough, let me know and I
will elaborate.


Jason S. Gagnon