Subject TIB_Richedit & bullets
Author Franky Brandt
Hi all,

I found some weird bug in my application and don't know what's causing

The problem is with a TIB_Richedit component, connected to a blob field
in the database.

When i use 'numbering' on the paragraphs (which are bullets in fact) the
first line that doesn't have a bullet below the line with the bullet
shows a very small dot and everytime i post to the table a tab gets
inserted in that line.

It doesn't happend on the lines that have bullets, only on the first
line below the ones that do

I have no idea what's causing this..does anyone have an idea?

I can add a screenshot if that's allowed

Using Firebird 1.5/ibo 4.3.Aa/Windows xp



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