Subject Re: [IBO] IB_SQL Remote Interface license
Author Walter Ogston
At 01:45 AM 7/9/2004 +1000, Helen wrote:
>At 10:10 AM 8/07/2004 -0400, I wrote:


> >Everything works fine at this point, including if I connect to the web
> >server on the development box from a browser on the laptop over the LAN,
> >also if I connect the Soap client application likewise. In both these
> >cases, the database client is on the same box as the database server, and
> >communication is by http (Apache server using port 8080). The problem
> >comes when I try to connect IB_SQL to the Firebird server over the LAN, so
> >that would be using port 3050.
>Well, port 3050 on your server and client can't serve both IB and Firebird
>at the same time. If you're getting licensing error messages, IB clearly
>has the channel, i

The IB server is gone, I uninstalled it before I installed FB. The
Services page of the control panel shows Firebird Server and Firebird
Guardian as one would expect, and nothing beginning with Interbase.

> >So maybe there is a problem that the database was originally created by IB,
> >not FB. I think of backing up the database using gbak (I have been
> >figuring out how to do that) and restoring it, but I will wait for your
> >wise words before I spend time on that approach.
>The fact that the database was originally created by IB won't cause
>this. It's not the database that knows about InterBase licensing, but the
>InterBase server and client modules. However, you SHOULD back up your IB
>database using IB's gbak, and restore it using the correct Firebird version
>of gbak.
>Have you not done any backups to date?

Yes, I have done backups and also restored to another file name to ensure
database integrity.

>IB_SQL doesn't know about IB licensing, either: all it is doing is
>delivering the exception message that came back from the server.
>It seems you need to do a double-triple check to find out why your client
>library is finding a running InterBase server installation, and trying to
>connect to it, using a client that knows about IB licensing, when you think
>you have a Firebird server running and your applications should be loading
>the appropriate Firebird client library.

Gottit! The laptop had an old version of gds32.dll, left over from some
previous install of IB I presume. When I replaced that with the version
that was installed by FB on the main box, IB_SQL works fine.

Moral: 1. don't take error messages at face value. 2. Beware of shared
libraries that come in different versions.

BTW the actual error message was:

ISC ERROR CODE:335544452

product REMOTE INTERFACE is not licensed

Thanks for your help,


C. Walter Ogston
ogstoncw@... Kalamazoo, Michigan