Subject Re: [IBO] IB_SQL Remote Interface license
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:10 AM 8/07/2004 -0400, you wrote:

> >On the other hand, if you were actually using a Firebird client on the
> >laptop and a Firebird server on the host, you would never see this message,
> >since all of that licensing code was stripped out of Firebird. So what
> >have you done?
> >
> >Helen
>Here is the story. I began developing the app before I had Firebird, so I
>created the database as Interbase in Delphi 7 ent using IBX
>components. After researching Firebird I decided to go with the superior
>product. I uninstalled IB, installed FB, and re-named <database>.gdb to
><database>.fdb to avoid the XP nasties. (I also switched some components
>but not all to IBO, but that is another story, still pending with Jason -
>see thread about Soap application server.) There are two database clients
>- a web server using IBO, and a Soap application server using IBX components.
>Everything works fine at this point, including if I connect to the web
>server on the development box from a browser on the laptop over the LAN,
>also if I connect the Soap client application likewise. In both these
>cases, the database client is on the same box as the database server, and
>communication is by http (Apache server using port 8080). The problem
>comes when I try to connect IB_SQL to the Firebird server over the LAN, so
>that would be using port 3050.

Well, port 3050 on your server and client can't serve both IB and Firebird
at the same time. If you're getting licensing error messages, IB clearly
has the channel, i

>So maybe there is a problem that the database was originally created by IB,
>not FB. I think of backing up the database using gbak (I have been
>figuring out how to do that) and restoring it, but I will wait for your
>wise words before I spend time on that approach.

The fact that the database was originally created by IB won't cause
this. It's not the database that knows about InterBase licensing, but the
InterBase server and client modules. However, you SHOULD back up your IB
database using IB's gbak, and restore it using the correct Firebird version
of gbak.

Have you not done any backups to date?

IB_SQL doesn't know about IB licensing, either: all it is doing is
delivering the exception message that came back from the server.

It seems you need to do a double-triple check to find out why your client
library is finding a running InterBase server installation, and trying to
connect to it, using a client that knows about IB licensing, when you think
you have a Firebird server running and your applications should be loading
the appropriate Firebird client library.

>The server box is running XP pro, the laptop is Win2K pro, if it makes a

It doesn't make a difference - at least, not that kind of difference.