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I have recently faced some problems using IBO in multi-threaded application and solved them. So, i would like someone to validate the following things:-

1. When you are using IBO components in threads, first thing to make sure is that each thread has its own IB_connection object created and all the datasets and transactions created in the thread use the respective connection.
2. And also that the IB_Connection object has to be created with in the Thread itself. i.e, you cannot have a IB_Connection objects pool (db connection pool) created in your application and share the IB_connection objects between different application thread pools.
3. CacheStatementHandles property of IB_Connection object must be set to False (which is true by default).
4. If you make sure that the IB_Connection object is created with in the thread then IBO automatically creates the IB_Session object by itself and sets the TimerInterval property to 0.

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Subject : [IBO] Threads


We are new to IBObjects and Firebird. I am porting a large threaded application using the IBO components and have seen mention of some thread demo applications, I cant seem to find these, any pointers??

Specifically I am interested in the TimerInterval property that I read should be set to 0 in a thread, I am then supposed to call the DoTimer method occasionally (??). I can't find a DoTimer method and am not sure of the best place to call it from if I did.

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