Subject RE: [IBO] Re: support for 2 transactions in ib_query
Author Alan McDonald
> > Anyway, the bottom line is that for Refresh to get only the key colums
> > from the server you have to set FetchWholeRows := False.
> > But even so, ibo will fetch the key columns from record 1 to record
> > 500 (if you set FetchWholeRows := False in my test demo) and not only
> > the key columns that are visible in grid (rows 496-500).
> It doesn't have a choice to fetch all the key columns for record no.1
> to 500, because Firebird doesn't know what scrollable/positionable
> cursors are and only has unidirectional/non-positionable cursors.
> Which means that for an application to position itself on record no.X,
> it has to fetch all the rows leading up to that record.

I wonder why, then, I see only the records in my buffer being retrieved (In
Monitor) and not all the records leading up to the start of the buffer
I do notice that my habit is not to call IB_Query.Refresh, but to call
transaction.Refresh. Does this make a difference? And why do I not see all
records being retrieved?