Subject Tib_Currency.ReadOnly accept delete key.
Author rudi_josic

First, excuse my English

** Delphi6, Ibo4.3Aa Eval, Win2K Pro, Firebird 1.5 **

My problem or doubt is:

I have a (many) Tib_Currency with the ReadOnly property set to True,
and can not enter any value (perfect!!) but the delete key can erase.

when delete key is pressed, even the cursor is in any position (not
selected all text)of the value , the box is cleaned.

Is this normal or is a bug?

I proved Tib_Edit and don't do that (do not accept any key, neither
delete key!!)

all properties in the Tib_Currency are default ones, only change
ReadOnly to True and DisplayFormat to 'Bs. #.###,##' (whitout cuotes)
and, of course, DataSource and Datafield.

Any suggestion will be very appreciated and lot of help.

Best Regards.

Rudi Josic'.