Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQuery with TDataSetProvider
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:55 PM 29/06/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>I ran your test project and everything works fine. The difference is that
>you are putting the dataset provider and the clientdataset in different
>modules of the same application, so they are communicating within a single
>process. In my setup the two components are separated by a Soap
>connection, so the communication is between two processes. I have to admit
>Soap is something of a black box to me, but I think the data packets get
>marshalled into XML. But I would have thought the inherited TDataSet code
>of TIBOQuery would take care of this, unless there is an update of TDataSet
>that has not found its way into TIBOQuery yet.

It doesn't work that way - TIBOQuery inherits from whatever TDataset is in
the hierarchy. But TIBOQuery uses some different means to surface the some
of the "same" things as TQuery and TTable do. It does some special stuff
with SQL that TQuery doesn't do, enabling live datasets, inserts-in-place,
et al. TIBQuery and TIBOQuery aren't comparable components, either,
despite the morphology of the names and the fact that TIBOQuery was indeed
named TIBQuery before Borland hijacked the prefix...

I've exchanged some email with Jason about your problem and his response
was that what you're trying to do is impacted by some other issues he's
been working on today. I can't justify spending any more time on it than I
have: I don't use Borland's SOAP implementation at all myself.

So, patience, wait to see what Jason unravels...