Subject Multi threaded access using in objects
Author williamvdw2004
I have seen some posts on this subject.
1. I need an explisit session.
2. prorocol : cpTCP_IP
3. Server :

This code is inside the constructor of the thread. What is missing

FSession := TIB_Session.Create(nil);
FConnection := TIB_Connection.CreateForSession(nil,FSession);
FConnection.Protocol := cpTCP_IP;
FConnection.Server := '';
FQuery := TIB_Query.CreateForSession(nil,FSession);
FQuery.IB_Connection := FConnection;
FConnection.DatabaseName := 'c:\test.gdb';
FConnection.Username := 'SYSDBA';
FConnection.Password := 'masterkey';

The thread breaks on the fquery.execute line.

When I create only one thread the code works fine.

Thanks in advance