Subject RE: [IBO] Client-Side Filtering
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hi Paul,

> I still havnt tested it myself ;-) but . . .
> I was little puzzled by '.. if the filter changes'. If you are using the
> OnFilterRecord event then your filter expression will be in your Delphi code
> and you wont be using the filter property?
> The help says . .
> New features in version 4 mean it is no longer necessary to refresh the rows
> from the server in order to re-evaluate the row's Filtered flag. The flag is
> now applied to all of the rows which remain in the buffers. If the filtering
> criteria change, it is now sufficient to call only the RefreshFiltered
> method. It does not involve the server at all - it just recalculates all of
> the filtered flags of the rows in the buffers.

That helped. It works as expected now.

I could have looked up the Online Help myself though. ;-)

Thanks for your help,