Subject Re: [IBO] Installing IBO_4_3_A using bcb 5 prof
Author lordlordsteven
--- In, Paul Vinkenoog <paul@v...> wrote:
> Hi Stephan,
> > After opening the group, go to the Project Manager en build all the
> > projects in the listed order, from top to bottom. Attention:
> > - Choose "build" for the projects with names like IBO40*RT_...
> (those are runtime packages);
> > - Choose "install" for projects named IBO40*DT_... (design time pks)
> > as well as for IBO40FTS_... and IBO40RPL_... (rt/dt packages).
> >
> > I build and installed all bpls
> > but IBO40EDT_C5.bpl.
> > It won´t compile -> Fatal: Unable to open file 'COPKG32.OBJ'
> >
> > Since i build all other files i should have all *.obj files,
> > so i dont know what to do.
> Did it really say:
> Unable to open file 'COPKG32.OBJ'
> (filename's second character is letter O)
> ?
> I suppose not, but if it did: open IBO40EDT_C5.bpk in a text editor,
> find that filename and change letter O to digit 0.
> If it really said:
> Unable to open file 'C0PKG32.OBJ'
> (filename's second character is digit O)
> then the filename is correct (this is a BCB library file). In that
> case it's probably the LIBPATH that's wrong. Open the project and go
> to Project -> Options -> Directories/Conditionals. Click on the "..."
> button after Library Path. From the list that you see now, remove the
> paths ".." and "..\..\lib" as they will probably do you more harm than
> good (unless you compile your projects on Jason's computer).
> Now add this path: $(BCB)\lib
> Then click OK twice to get out of the dialogs.
> But wait - before you rebuild the project, click the "green plus"
> button (add file to project), change the filter to *.pas and add
> IB_DataSourceEditor to the project. Then save and rebuild.
> Hope this helps,
> Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Paul!

Thanks a lot, you were right.
I never thought about searching for
this file with (digit) '0 '.
I just had to set the path and now everything
works fine :-)

Stephan Treder