Subject RE: [IBO] Absolute unique value/generator/SP problem
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:24 AM 22/06/2004 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi Helen,
>The other is just the same thing but for other
>generators - nothing exciting. I knew I could not rollback the generator
>assignment and I never as of yet have decremented a generator. I'll look to
>change my ways in the IBO app, but will keep the SP around as I am starting
>to develop a web app against the same database.

And you're not going to use IBO for it?

>Very much looking forward to your Firebird book!

I'm starting to look forward to it less and less ("Oh, dear God, let this
all be over!"). I was informed today that the Appendices and Glossary had
been removed and would be made available for download from the Apress
website. That's about 200 pages of technical reference gone AWOL.

Apparently at some point, some twit priced the book as an 800-pager. They
have had 1000 pages of submissions (potential and actual) for months...what
do you do when you find you stuffed up? raise the price? no, you chop out
200 essential pages at the eleventh hour and tell the readers to download them.

Anyway, I've moved swiftly this afternoon and evening, and arranged for two
of the distributors to make the reference stuff available on CD for a small
extra cost. ~~~~~BUT I AM NOT HAPPY.~~~~~~

So, if you want to order the CD with the book, use IBPhoenix or The CD option should be available in a couple
of weeks, maybe three, i.e. about when the book is meant to come out from
the printer.