Subject TIB_Storedproc - ExecSql, Execute & ExecProc methods
Author Franky Brandt

I can't figure this one out.
I've made a Stored procedure which returns records when i execute it in
ibexpert, no problem there.
But from Delphi, using a TIB_Storedproc component i never get any
records, although i've put the property StoredProcForSelect to True.
So if after i execute the Storedproc i always get a recordcount of 0,
although the inserts etc in the procedure are executed successfully.
I tried using ExecSql, Execute & ExecProc methods(which i don't know the
differences of) but all 3 return 0 records.

Using Firebird 1.5, ibobjects 4.3.Aa

Any ideas?


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