Subject Some [intricate] issues with IBO (Jason)
Author dmarmur2002

I have used IBO for two years and as a registered user for the last
year. Most problems and customizations I have been able to solve
myself. I really like IBO and I would like to once again commend
Jason (and Geoff) for some great efforts.

There are however some issues that I need to get resolved in order
go get my application into "stage 2". Most of theese issues have
been up in the newsgroup previously initiated by me and/or by others.

Since they are a little tricky even to communicate I have put
together a simple app to reproduce the issues.

In the zip file are one dpr, one dfm, one pas and one exe. The app
uses COMPANY.GDB from the Company sample of IBO and if your
workstation has a server with SYSDBA and masterkey you just have to
put the exe in the Company directory (along with COMPANY.GDB) an run
it. Any other configuration requires changes in IB_Connection1 and a

The zip can be downloaded from

it is 565 KB.

I believe that thing will behave the same for the last couple of IBO

Jason (or some other expert) PLEASE take a look at this. I can't
seem to solve these problems by myselfe. I really need to get them
fixed. It's not totally urgent, but I would really appreciate

Thanks a lot!