Subject TIBOTable and inserts
Author atlaswc
Hi everyone,

I am new to IBO and have just done a quick conversion of my
applications to IBO using GReplace. At this stage, I don't have time
to implement IBO fully, and just want to get my applications at
least behaving the same as they did under the BDE.

I have a grid hooked to a TIBOTable. My table has a primary key, I
have not assigned Keylinks at this stage. I drag/drop information on
the grid, and each time, I insert a record, supplying a unique key
from a generator, assigned in the OnNewRecord event. Under the BDE,
the inserted records always appeared at the bottom of the grid.
Under IBO they appear in front of my current cursor position. So if
the grid starts off empty, and I drag/drop five times, I get five
records all in reverse order. This is not what I want. Is there a
simple and quick way to make IBO behave as the BDE did? Can anyone
suggest anything?

Thanks in advance,
Stephanie Holmes