Subject joining tables with one to many relationships
Author Jonathan M. Freedman
I have contemplated building a table with several joins, 2 of them
one to
many relationships. However, conceptually, I have not been able to
out how to handle the "many" component...for example...there is a
table (including address and social security number) and a phone
table...they are both on one present, i have a separate
query for
both and it works fine. However, it would be leaner and meaner if I
join the two and still be able to add multiple phone numbers to the
table...i understand that i would have to write my own insert/edit sql
statements in the TIB_Query editor for that issue, but will firebird
multiple row inserts for one part of a joined table, while handling a
row insert for the master part of the master-detail relationship?


Jonathan M. Freedman