Subject RE: [IBO] Remote server disconnect
Author Eric Tishler
Not sure if there is a component that does this automatically. But I have done exactly what you describe to several of my client/server modules to make them more robust. Checking for the validity of the connection, or handling the exception is where I detect the disconnect. I also use a thread to do the reconnect. It took some work to get it right, but once I did, it has behaved very nicely.

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Subject: [IBO] Remote server disconnect

Hi, All!

This is one of those "There must be an easier way!" things.

I am connected to a remote DB via a TIB_Connection. Every thing works

Now I pull my eithernet cable from the back of my computer, simulating a
server reboot.

make a request and get an exception.
so far so good.

now I plug back in my eithernet connection and make another request. I
get another exception, and will keep getting them until I disconnect and
reconnect the database.

the only way around this that I can figure is to write an error handler
that fires off a thread that trys and retrys to reconnect the database
when an error of this type is encountered.

Am I missing a setting or component that will do this for me?

Thanks in advance

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