Subject RE: [IBO] migrating from Interbase/BDE to Interbase/IBO
Author Joe Hatem
tried 'BufferSyncroFlags.???Insert := True' but still same result:

before insert, I see the following sequence in the grid:
- A0
- A1
- A3

When I insert a new record with key-value "A2",
in BDE-Interbase, after insert, I see the following sequence:
- A0
- A1
- A2
- A3

whereas in IBO-Interbase, after insert, I see the following sequence:
- A2
- A0
- A1
- A3

Ingredients used:

- IBODataBase
- IBOTable
- DBGrid
- DBNavigator

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Sent: Wed 26 May 2004 10:31

joehatem wrote:

> I am facing a small problem:
> I was previously using Interbase and accessing it through standard
> BDE TTable.
> When I inserted a new record, and populated its fields, and then
> posted, I could see the immediate effect of such posting on a DBgrid
> displaying my data. The record would position itself properly
> according to the index in use.
> I migrated to IBO, which is supposed to be 100% compatible with the
> BDE behavior. But when I post a record, it remains positioned at
> the place of insertion and does not show at its proper place on the
> grid until I issue a COMMIT statement.
> Is the COMMIT compulsory ?
> do I have to change all my POSTs statements and add to them a
> COMMIT ? This is not 100% compatible with BDE.
> note: I am using IBOTable, and my transaction is set to AutoCommit.

Try 'BufferSyncroFlags' and set them to true.
Should fix your problem.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services