Subject Re: Auto create edits in the form... is it possible?
Author clatu_earth
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> The context menu item is currently called "Create IB_*
controls..." - it's
> the first item. Alternatively, you can just double-click on the
> ib_datasource.
> This all presupposes, of course, that you are using
TIB_Datasource. The
> VCL TDatasource doesn't work with the TIB_ (native IBO)

Sorry again but...

When I right-click on the IB_Datasource1 (TIB_Datasource) I got the
same standard context menu (which first item is "Align to Grid").
There's no such item "Create IB_* controls...".

Additionally, when I double-click on IB_Datasource1 it creates the
following code:

void __fastcall TForm1::IB_DataSource1AfterAssignment(
TIB_DataSource *Sender, TIB_Dataset *ADataset)
{ }

My test app is very simple: One Database, one transaction and a Query
that feeds a Grid (TIB_Grid) and I wanted to create in another panel
the Edits corresponding to the Grid's fields.

These are the objects (from Text DFM, the majority of the properties
has been omitted, of course).

object IB_Grid1: TIB_Grid
DataSource = IB_DataSource1

object IB_Transaction1: TIB_Transaction
IB_Connection = IB_Database1
Isolation = tiCommitted

object IB_Query1: TIB_Query
IB_Connection = IB_Database1
IB_Transaction = IB_Transaction1
RequestLive = True

object IB_DataSource1: TIB_DataSource
Dataset = IB_Query1

object IB_Database1: TIB_Database
PasswordStorage = psNotSecure
SQLDialect = 3
Params.Strings = ('PATH=C:\DESENV.FDB'
Left = 36
Top = 40
SavedPassword = '.JuMbLe.01.432B0639073E0E4B49'

Thank you already!