Subject Re: [IBO] Install problems in delphi 7
Author pierrevanwyngaard
Hi Helen

I really appreciate your efforts to help me.

I first tried deleting and reinstalling from the Components...Packages
dialog - same thing with error messages. I then copied bpl and dcp
files to the LIB directory (I thought that was what you meant by
System directory) - still the same. Then I took you literally and
copied the files to the Windows/System directory ... and it works!
This is both amazing (I would never have thought of that) and pathetic.

Thanks so much. What is the story with Delphi 7 update pack? I don't
see any updates on Borland's website for Delphi 7.

Kind regards

Pierre van Wyngaard

--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> At 01:11 PM 27/05/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> >Hi Helen
> >
> >Thanks for responding so quickly.
> >
> >I tried first with the default BPL and DCP output directories, (and I
> >have the ..\Projects\bpl directory in both Library and Browsing path).
> >When I did this, I could not even install the packages. It would at
> >that stage come up with the "library cannot be found" message.
> >
> >I then tried changing the BPL and DCP output directories to C:\IBO4,
> >where my installation files are. I also included C:\IBO4 then into the
> >Library and Browsing paths. (I did this after erasing every trace of
> >IBO first from Delphi and from my hard drive.) I then built all
> >projects again, and then it allowed me to install the packages. But
> >now I get the "library not found" message when I close and re-open
> >Delphi. It doesn't make sense.
> You're doesn't...but a few editions and versions of Delphi
> display this bug, unfortunately.
> The next step you can try is to uninstall all of the packages from the
> Components...Packages dialog and then "reinstall" them by browsing
for them
> from the dialog. After doing that, shut down Delphi and restart it.
> The "last resort" if you have one of these rogue versions is to
simply copy
> the BPL and DCP files into the System directory once they are
> compiled. :-( You'll find if you get this problem with one package,
> you'll have the same one with them all.
> I'm curious as to whether you applied the Delphi 7 Update pack...
> Helen