Subject Re: [IBO] transaction behavior
Author Lester Caine
Helen Borrie wrote:

>>>No. Transactions can never see the uncommitted work of other
>>>transactions. That is known as "dirty read" and Firebird/IB do not
>>>it (and never will).
>>What do you mean by FB do not support it?
> I mean that Firebird does not support Dirty Read and it never will. Put it
> another way, one Firebird transaction can not see the uncommitted work of
> another Firebird transaction. It is designed that way deliberately. What
> more can I say?

The question should probably be "Why do you have two transactions?"
I only use a second transaction when I want to load up background
records which I know the first transaction does not need to worry about
until they are committed :)

Lester Caine
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