Subject IB_Cursor
Author jaguarius2003

I've been monitoring some of the posts on this group regarding the use
of IB_Cursors for speed. I am currently using TIB_Query objects for
all my queries, and I have a lot (about 20). I am noticing a very
pronounced pause when I load the program, and I have virtually nothing
in the database at this time.

I tried to replace some of the TIB_Query components with IB_Cursors
and it didn't work. I got an access violation error in the IB_Grid
unit. I am not using grids on these particulat datasets, but I am
using drop down lookup combo boxes - does this prevent me from using
IB_Cursors? I do not need to scroll these datasets, but I do need to
be able to choose a record from a drop down.

Please give me some insight into where and how to use a cursor object
- I am worried about performance issues as the database increases in
size and I would like to streamline things, but I am a little unclear
on the various uses.


Jason S. Gagnon