Subject Wierd Invalid Keylinks Error
Author Bill Gage
IBObject v 4.2

I am getting a wierd invalid keylinks error. I have the
KeyLinksAutoDefine set to true. And when I run my select statement
it gives me the error of Invalid Keylinks Entry error. It has the
correct primary key field in the keyLinks entery but it says it is

Here are a couple things that fixed this error.
1) I added the field that was automatically put in the keylinks list
to the select of my SQl statement. However I do not want that value
in the results.

2) I went through and delete each field individually from the select
statement and found that there was one field that had an index that
was causing the error. I need this field in the results, and I need
the keylinksautodefine to work. So this isn't a good solution.

So how can I get around this error.

I noticed in my searches online that there was a wierd 'Invalid
Keylinks' bug that was fixed. I don't know if that is related to
this, but it sure sounds like it.

Is there a fix that I can apply to my source code to correct this?
I am unable to update to the latest version at this time, so any
kind of fix would be helpful.