Subject RE: [IBO] Re: Speed difference between TIBQuery and TIB_Query?
Author Beyers Cronje
Hi Helen,

Can you please explain "- don't forget about GROUP BY for getting totals."
Up until now I've been running a separate dataset to display totals, are you
implying there's an easier way ?



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> > The first comment is - it's astonishing that you are using the
>client to do
> > this non-interactive processing in a client/server system.
>This is a temporary situation while another developer works on a set
>of stored procedures to handle this. I started working on the
>client side stuff as a stop gap because his efforts were taking
>longer than expected and we needed something in the mean time.
> > Are you aware at all of the
> > benefits of using prepared statements and substitutable
>parameters, or
> > would you like that explained?
>I understand. It's been a while since I've worked with C/S and it's
>coming back to me in pieces.
> > Render unto the desktop that which is the desktop's. If you
> > want performance, get into the "client/server groove".
>Do you have any suggested reading?

Have you picked up the TI sheets from ?The
ones on Client/Server programming and Datasets would be a good place to

"Think thin", especially for non-interactive utilities.
Don't assign SQL in loops. Seriously exploit the WHERE clause and
replaceable parameters - prepare once, run often.
Don't destroy and recreate objects that you will use repeatedly.

Use tib_dsql for straight DML. Use ib_cursor for sets you have to walk
Don't request multi-row sets if you can get the same data from a singleton
- don't forget about GROUP BY for getting totals.


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