Subject RE: [IBO] Yahoo - search?
Author Alan McDonald
> Which is the reason that the change is not practical at this time ;)
> As one of the Moderators on IBObjects I prefer to maintain my current
> email notification of new posters (not switched on on IBObjects, but
> would be if span became a problem - used on firebird-support and others
> successfully ), and email copies of the lists. I have no objections to a
> newsgroup overlay as many of the other Firebird lists, but a restricted
> replacement is not acceptable :)
> --
> Lester Caine

So if you were to use google to search the atkin group, how do you identify
the group? egroups.ibobjects does not work. nor does
now if all the other borland based groups can be searched on google, what
stops the atkin server being searched?