Subject Re: [IBO] Yahoo - search?
Author Lester Caine
Nando Dessena wrote:

>>>Ad I see it, a newsgroup is just a mailnig list without the threading
>>>problems. ;-)
> L> But I don't have a problem with threading on my eMails.
> Many mail readers don't preserve the references...

Mozilla works fine for me, and having downloaded I can file and manage

> L> When I do I can
> L> 'edit' it - you can't do that on a newsgroup - or kill the junk :)
> First, a newsgroup that supports authentication is much less subject
> to junk than a mailing list. Then, with a newsgroup you kill it one
> and it's for everybody. Or did you mean "subjective" junk?

Many newsgroups are not so organised - have a look at the php lists :)
on some of them 50% is spam - so nobody bothers using them. But MY point
is that I like to keep an tidy archive, not someone else's view of
things, that includes threading and trimming. eMails are easier in my
configuration, and I prefer to think about and draft some replies

> Anyway, I'm not advocating one solution over the other, but merely
> reminding the offer that was made, which covers (only) nntp and web.

Which is the reason that the change is not practical at this time ;)
As one of the Moderators on IBObjects I prefer to maintain my current
email notification of new posters (not switched on on IBObjects, but
would be if span became a problem - used on firebird-support and others
successfully ), and email copies of the lists. I have no objections to a
newsgroup overlay as many of the other Firebird lists, but a restricted
replacement is not acceptable :)

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services