Subject Re: [IBO] Yahoo - search?
Author Nando Dessena

>> Ad I see it, a newsgroup is just a mailnig list without the threading
>> problems. ;-)

L> But I don't have a problem with threading on my eMails.

Many mail readers don't preserve the references...

L> When I do I can
L> 'edit' it - you can't do that on a newsgroup - or kill the junk :)

First, a newsgroup that supports authentication is much less subject
to junk than a mailing list. Then, with a newsgroup you kill it one
and it's for everybody. Or did you mean "subjective" junk?

Anyway, I'm not advocating one solution over the other, but merely
reminding the offer that was made, which covers (only) nntp and web.

Nando Dessena