Subject RE: [IBO] Converting From IBX
Author Jason Wharton
(I'm home now from a wonderful vacation/conference.)

To answer your questions: If I were you I would just start out focusing on
the components on the iboTDataset tab only. Use the TIBOQuery component to
replace both of your IBX queries. Use the GeneratorLinks property to
associate a generator to a field so that you get values automatically
plugged in when inserting records.

When converting over to IBO from IBX you will encounter different behaviors
on many different properties and methods because IBX took a very different
design approach than what was typical. This is due to it being such a thin
wrapping on top of the InterBase API. Many things that developers were
formerly insulated from by engines such as the BDE were done away with in
IBX which forces people to write applications with a lot more coding to
accomplish desired functionality and feature-richness.

With IBO I went the other direction than IBX. 8 years ago I gained a vision
on how I would like a set of data access components to work. The standard
data access components with the BDE didn't come close to what I wanted.
There were numerous deficiencies forcing there to be lots of coding in
applications that was redundant and quirky. It's not needful that I give a
laundry list of all the features and capabilities IBO has with it. You can
figure that out over time. Sufficient to say, they are there and have
received grateful reception from those who take the time to acquaint
themselves with it.

The important thing to know when using IBO is that it is loaded with
functionality and great care and attention has been taken to insulate the
developer from the awkwardness of working directly with the API. Your
application code can be kept very clean and simple by making fine tuning
adjustments to the features of IBO code.

Thus, in the big picture, it really is a matter of application development
style. Some programmers like their data access to be as thin and simple as
possible because they want to do all the work in their applications (ideal
for people writing one app that works with different back-ends) or some that
can focus on a single back-end and they want to rely on a robust suite of
components to keep their application code clean and simple and yet have a
very feature-rich, efficient application.

Of course with IBO you can use the simple components TIB_Cursor and TIB_DSQL
to get bare-bones API-level efficiency too. With IBO you get the best of
both realms.

Hope this helps,
Jason Wharton

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Subject: [IBO] Converting From IBX

I have been using Interbase with IBX for quite a while now, but plan
to move over to Firebird. This has forced my hand with going with
another component set and have decided to look at IBObjects.

I would like to convert a number of applications from IBX to
IBObjects with the easiest path possible.

In IBX i use the IBDataset and IBQuery. I would imagine the IBQuery
Components to be relativly easy to convert, but what about the
IBDataset? Which compent(s) should I use when converting the

Also i use the Generator Field with the IBDataset, is there an
equivalence in IBObjects, or even another way to obtain or set the
generator Field?

Thanks for any pointers


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