Subject RE: [edp] [IBO] Problems with refresh of data.
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hello Max,

> Yes I do a commit after each post.

> AutoFetchAll true
> CommitAction CaInvalidateCursor
> FetchWholeRows true
> IB_Transaction DBTrans
> SqlString Select * from Documents order by DocumentNr

Select * is not ideal, but it should work. However, you could try to
replace * with the actual fieldnames and see if that solves your

> After doing several inserts in a table. The new records seems not to
> be available in my Delphi programs until I fully exit the program.

This smells a bit like IBO not being aware of the PK values. Did you
set KeyLinks? And do you have a trigger on that table that fills the
PK from a generator? And if so, does it do this unconditionally?

> Even after an active := false followed by an active := true the data
> is not visible.

Strange. And after a Refresh?

Paul Vinkenoog