Subject R: [IBO] Problems with refresh of data.
Author Marco Lauria

Are you committing the transaction after the inserts?
If you don't commit the transaction and this is not in autocommit mode,
You see the records only when the transaction is committed.

Marco Lauria
STARMAX s.a.s.

Da: Max Bernaert [mailto:edp@...]
Inviato: martedì 18 maggio 2004 14.20
Oggetto: [IBO] Problems with refresh of data.


After doing several inserts in a table. The new records seems not to be
available in my Delphi programs until I fully exit the program.
Even after an active := false followed by an active := true the data is
not visible.

The data is only visible if I alter the sql sentence of the TIBOQuery.

What I am doing wrong ?

Thanks for your help.


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