Subject Re: [IBO] DB Error 0
Author Daniel Rail

At May 14, 2004, 03:47, Birbaumer, Marco {T-DD~Rotkreuz} wrote:

> We're using IBO 4.3a to access a database from several threads. Each
> thread has it's own TIB_Connection and TIB_Session. Periodically we get
> an Database Error 0. The connection is now broken until connecting
> again.

> We have the same problem with different databases (InterBase 6.02,
> InterBase 7.1 and FireBird 1.5) so it seems to be an Interbase Objects
> issue.

> Did anybody experience similar problems?

Not me.

> Any ideas how to solve this?

Not really, but a few questions.

Is the TIB_Session component the first component in the creation

Which protocol are you using to connect to the database?

Can you give the call stack related to the error(this is to know more
precisely which portion of the code that is causing the trouble)?

What is the exception class that is related to the error(i.e.:
EDatabase, EISC_Error, etc..)?

Is "Database Error 0" the full error message? If not, what is the
full error message?

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