Subject Re: [IBO] configuring IBO 4.3Aa for FB 1.5
Author Daniel Rail

At May 14, 2004, 05:58, constantijnw wrote:
> Correct. IBO looks for gds32.dll. A lot of apps/comps (called "legacy"
> apps in English?) have hard-coded this name, and therefore Fb 1.5 has
> included a SPECIAL gds32.dll which only redirects calls to
> fbclient.dll.

The gds32.dll that you refer to here no longer exists. There were
problems in some version of Windows. Now, there is a special
instclient.exe that can be run to rename fbclient.dll to gds32.dll
and change the version number from 1.5 to 6.3, so that it would work
with the latest IBX versions from Borland. If only using IBO, then
just renaming fbclient.dll to gds32.dll is enough.

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