Subject Re: [IBO] configuring IBO 4.3Aa for FB 1.5
Author Artur Anjos
Hi Russel,

russellbelding wrote:

> (snip)
> In the FB 1.5 release notes (ver 1.08) the program instclient.exe is
> discussed. This discussion seems to me to be tentative and I draw no
> conclusions from it. However, after installing FB server
> taking the default options, I observed a GDS32.DLL was installed in
> the system32 folder and this GDS32.DLL properties say it is for FB
> 1.5. Better yet this file allows my application to work with FB 1.5
> and IBO 4.3Aa. FBCLIENT.DLL was installed only in ...Firebird_1_5
> \bin. (Is that intended? I would have thought it would also be
> installed in the system32 folder.)

Yes. That's the default.

> In my software package I have no client install. Program files are
> copied to a client PC from a file server, and the gds32.dll file is
> copied to be in the same folder as my main executable file.

I use this method also. What I do is simple rename fbclient.dll from
/bin to gds32.dll and send it with my install.

I think this is something that will be changed in IBO, and we just have
to wait. This is the first time that Firebird got is own client, and we
are still learning the advantages and disadvantages of new names.

> So here is a simple case that IBO should make a clean way for
> applications to use FBCLIENT.DLL.

As time goes by, people will not have applications that will work with
both clients, so this could be hard coded, and this problem will disapear.