Subject Unexpected IB_Grid behaviour on post data
Author adrian
Dear All

Hope you can help me. Must be doing something quite simple wrong again.

I've an IB_Grid, a IB_UpdateBar, and a IB_Query.

When I display data on the grid, and insert a new record, I then type
the data in on the collums on the grid.
The last collum I enter data into, is not moved out of, and I then click
the post button.
The record is posted to the grid, but the data entered in the last
column is not posted, it is left <NULL>.
If I then edit the record, and reenter the data for the column, it then
posts it correctly.
If I enter data for the column on an insert, and then move out of the
column to the say previous column, same row, and then post the data, it
is then accepted, and shows.

Why on earth must I first tab out of the column to get the data to be
Surely I can enter the data for the column, and then just click on the
post button.

Please all help will be appreciated.



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