Subject App Errors with IBO and FB1.5
Author rgarbig
I posted this on firebird-suppport but didn't get a response. Sorry
if this would be considered a double post but I need the help. Thanks.

Testing my converted app with FB1.5 (originally Paradox then IB) and
IBO 4.3.A. Using TIBO components and implicit transaction control
with db commits after inserts and updates. AutoCommit is true.

Error 1: "Multiple rows in singleton fetch" The select statement is
requesting one row and the key is the primary key field? Keylinks is
the primary key field. What does this mean and what would cause this?

Error 2: ISC ERROR CODE:335544332 Invalid transaction handle
(expecting explicit transaction start)? from an update query setting
one field to zero with the primary key field as the key.
Keylinks is the primary key field.