Subject [IBO] Re: TIBOQuery - editing contents from grid
Author rjschappe
Helen, please don't hold back, tell me how you really feel...<LOL!>

OK, I will try to hold my usage of Access down... I take it you do
not openly advise people to use Access and the FB ODBC drivers to
work as a front-end for Firebird... just kidding!!!!

Seriously, I do need a nice query builder for Firebird... I guess I
will take another look at my tool of choice (Database Workbench) and
play a bit more that Martijn's built-in query builder... unless you
know of a great FB compatible query builder??????

Thanks again... and tell Apress to get a move on! my order has been
in for a while... and I could really use your book right now! :)

Thanks again,