Subject "Failed to post all datasets" weirdness
Author Ryan Nilsson-Harding
Hi there,

I'm getting this error but it doesn't to make sense to me in my

I have a master-detail relationship on a form.
The master & detail DS's each have one lookup dataset attached to them
also. (Not the same)

When I insert a new master (or place a current record in edit mode) it
will not post, but no error is given either.
This is the case when either clicking Post on the update bar, or
explicitly calling tib_Qry.Post
The record simply remains in Edit mode

When I try committing the transaction (either by clicking commit on
the transaction bar, or an explicit tib_tr.commit) I get the error:
"Failed to post all datasets"

But if I step off the record (clicking Next or Prior) the record
successfully posts & the transaction can be committed.

I have read here that this can be caused from using cached updates,
which I don't. I confirmed this by checking CachedUpdatePendingCount
(0) just before trying to post.

I have 5 other similar master-detail forms which behave as expected.

Does the fact that I cannot post it in code or from the update bar,
but stepping off the record posts it correctly, spark any ideas in anyone?

This really has me stumped as I've been trying for several hours now
to figure this out. I cannot glean anything from the IB_Monitor, nor
anything from OnPostError as it isn't being fired.

What is the difference between an explicit post and moving 'next' or