Subject IBO Events are missed
Author yhibasi
We have running Delphi 4 with service pack 3,
RELEASE NOTES for IBO Version 4.x
11/24/2003 Sub-Release 4.3 Aa, Windows ME, InfoPower 4.04 (IP)
Our code is:
TDataBase(InterBase DB) , InfoPower Query and StoredProc,
IBO Connection, IBOTransaction and IBOEvent.
We want to Fire a Stored Procedure and wait until posted event is alerted.
We have IB event called with this code
Exec stored procedure;
Repeat // we want this same code to run on client server confiduration hence need to wait for server to process
Until (not IB_EventsSysTest.ProcessingEvents) and (not IB_EventsSysTest.EventsPending);
We count the records inserted by our Stored Procedure and
Count number of Event Alerts.
We might insert 800 records and yet count only 350 Event alerts. Seems like both counts should be same.
It seems like 'ProcessingEvents' is set before our 'on alert' is finished.
If we Insert say only 400 records then Alert count matches Alert Count.

We appreciate any help.