Subject Re: [IBO] Returning value from SP
Author Geoff Worboys
> create procedure test
> returns (TOT integer)
> as
> begin
> select count(*) from main_property
> into :tot;
> end

> In IB Expert it returns a value as expected
> using "execute procedure test"

> However, in IBO (4.x) it returns NULL
> as do other procedures

> Does IBO do things differently. Marathon, written
> with IBO seems to behave the same

Roger, the rest of the thread seems to have taken off on a
tangent. In regard to your question...

How are you using this in IBO? What component, what code etc?
(And exactly what versions etc.)

If you are using SELECT * FROM TEST then you will need to
use SUSPEND (pending anything Helen can report on the possible
problems with such code - I have not experienced any myself).

If you are using EXECUTE PROCEDURE TEST then I am stumped. I
copied and pasted the code above, only changing the table name
for the count - and it successfully returns the number of rows
in that table.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing