Subject Useless IBO support (was: Schema Load)
Author fabiano_bonin
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> > At 01:20 PM 16/03/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> > >How do i disable the schema load?
> > >
> > >I'm having terrible delays on remote access due to the load of
> > >database schema when i first open some dataset. This behavior
> > >not present in IBO 4.2. How can i disable it?
> >
> > It was present in IBO 4.2, as long as you had a value in the
> SchemaCacheDir
> > property of your TIB_Connection. Just delete it.

You are wrong. This delay is not present in IBO 4.2, filling
SchemaCacheDir or not. At least for me (i just use TIBOQueries in my
In IBO 4.3 this delay is always present, SchemaCacheDir filled or

Like many other times, i am alone with my IBO problems, waiting for
an answer that never comes... If i just received a private e-mail
saying 'wait, we are looking at your problem' i wouldn't be so upset.

It's getting usual: I post a question, somebody answer with some
trick that doesn't work, or saying that i'm doing something unusual
without explaining why i should not do that or providing an
alternative, and, at the end, here i am alone with my problems,
trying to imagine some excuse to justify to my customers some things
like why the NEW version of my application takes 4 minutes to open
while the old version takes 10 seconds (good improvement, huh?), why
a record vanish in the air when he click on the 'Post' button when
he typed something in a blob field (this is an old request, caused
by a bug in the join links property, that was never solved and
forced me to change about 200 forms in my application by hand), why
my application raises an error when compiled with the new version of
IBO (this problem was solved just after i asked my money back), why
a TIBODatabase inside a DLL loads the schema again even if the
schemacachedir is the same of the main application (see below), and
so on...

Maybe i am asking in the wrong place? Is this group just for idiot
questions, like 'how do i select all records from a table'? Or am i
expecting more from IBO support than i can have? If so, what can i
expect from your support team? Just usual questions? Normally i
solve my usual questions before asking them.

It's the last time i renew my IBO license. I will try other
alternatives from now. I can't accept this kind of support of a paid
product. You are not making me a favor, i am paying for support, and
i'm not getting it.

DLL: I have another bug for you ignore: After the first 4 minutes
delay, when i am connected and everything is going fine (fine???) my
application call a DLL, and this DLL has a TIBODatabase inside it.
After assign the main TIBODatabase.dbHandle to the DLL
TIBODatabase.dbHandleShared and after assign the main
TIBODatabase.SchemaCacheDir to the DLL TIBODatabase.SchemaCacheDir,
the first dataset of the dll takes 4 minutes to open too... (the
same happens if SchemaCacheDir is empty or not).