Subject BufferSynchroFlags behavior
Author James
Good day.

As someone has suggested me to use this property to solve my previous
problem, I found out that there are some behavior that I don't
understand why such thing happen.

I have a ib_query dataset name invdetails. In this dataset I have a
field that is computed field(is computed field the right term?) In my
previous problem when a new record is inserted or after an edit, the
computed field doesn't display right away the value that it should be
until I ib_transaction.refresh(true);. So I set the BufferSynchroFlag to
afterinsert, and afteredit, and I was't able to solve my problem. the
computed field display the value right away even without committing it.

But this problem comes out after setting the BufferSynchroFlags. After a
record is after. I immediately use the some of the record's column value
to my computation, like this
Before setting the BufferSynchroFlag this use to work fine, but after
setting it, it doesn't work anymore. Because the
invdetails.FieldByName('subtotal').AsCurrency give me a value of
0(zero). But when I set the BufferSynchroFlag properties back, the
invdetails.FieldByName('subtotal').Ascurrency give me the value that it
should be.

What I don't understand is why does the
invdetails.FieldByName('subtotal').AsCurrency gives me a value of 0
while in the datacontrols you can see the value in it.

Is there something I should know?