Subject Re: [IBO] Detecting Refresh
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Steve,

Bit of a late reaction:

> I think AfterRefresh only exists for TIBO datasets.


> AfterOpen doesn't seem to be called by a Refresh, only by closing
> and re-opening a TIB dataset.

If you set RefreshAction to raOpen, Before/AfterOpen will be called.

> One for the wish-list perhaps?

Yes, there have been situations where certain actions needed to be
taken after a Refresh but at the same time I had to have RefreshAction
set to raKeepSomething. So no event at all fired and I had to do quite
a lot of coding (actually: one line, but duplicated all over the
place, everywhere Refresh was called or might be triggered) to trap
the refresh. Rather ugly and error-prone, because I had to remember to
call the handler by hand everytime I added something that might
trigger a Refresh.

All this wouldn't have been necessary had IB_Dataset had B/A-Refresh
events like IBODataset has.

Paul Vinkenoog