Subject Re: [IBO] Detecting Refresh
Author sdbeames
--- In, jwharton@i... wrote:
> I think the dataset should have an AfterRefresh event. Have a look.
> If not, then AfterOpen should do the trick.
> Jason

I think AfterRefresh only exists for TIBO datasets.
AfterOpen doesn't seem to be called by a Refresh, only by closing and
re-opening a TIB dataset.

One for the wish-list perhaps?

> Hi,
> I'm sure it's obvious, but I can't spot it. How can I detect that
> TIB_Query has been refreshed (eg by a TIB_UpdateBar) so that I can
> update my custom control that relies upon it? Is there an event
> is only called once and only for Refresh?
> Thanks,
> Steve