Subject Re: [IBO] New User: converting from Pdox do IB/IBO
Author Erik De Laet

I feel I want to jump in here ;-)

Everything you say is true, but IBObject is sold as the easiest solution to
change from Paradox to Firebird.
That means, I hope, that a lot of behind the scenes optimizations have been
performed to present the existing application with a Paradox feel - even if
they are TTable's, while internally the correct client/server database
actions are performed.

So a FindKey should be quick no matter what. No ? If not, we might as well
not use IBObjects.

That does not mean you are incorrect as the difference between C/S and
Paradox of course.

Regards, Erik

At 16:06 17/03/2004, you wrote:

>your main problem is that there is a huge difference between a desktop
>and a client/server database. Firebird is a great client/server
>database if you use it properly, but until you change the way you
>think and the way your program works, you will perceive Firebird as
>'very slow'.
>Changing from Paradox to Firebird is not a small and trivial task, the
>difference is about as big as between driving a bicycle and a car.
>In Paradox you think in terms of tables, you grab the whole table and
>do whatever you want with it. It works great if you are the only user,
>and is very quick.
>Firebird is designed for multiuser access and you think in terms of
>sets rather than tables. You only ask for those records that are of
>interest and not entire tables. The Paradox way translates to
>whereas in Firebird you should do something like
>SELECT Name, Address FROM MyTable WHERE Name STARTING 'Hércules'
>(i.e. be specific about which fields and records you choose).
>Firebird is a lot better than Paradox for multiuser access and large
>tables (50000 records is very small), whereas Paradox is good for
>singleuser access on small tables.
>Wishing you luck in learning client/server databases,
>--- In, "Listas" <listas@h...> wrote:
> > A findkey in this table is very, very slow.
> > What is wrong with FindKey in IBO?
> > Are there some new approach to realize this search?
> > StoredProcedures?
> > Who can help me?
> > I have few time to convert this application.
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