Subject Re: [IBO] New User: converting from Pdox do IB/IBO
Author Svein Erling
your main problem is that there is a huge difference between a desktop
and a client/server database. Firebird is a great client/server
database if you use it properly, but until you change the way you
think and the way your program works, you will perceive Firebird as
'very slow'.

Changing from Paradox to Firebird is not a small and trivial task, the
difference is about as big as between driving a bicycle and a car.

In Paradox you think in terms of tables, you grab the whole table and
do whatever you want with it. It works great if you are the only user,
and is very quick.

Firebird is designed for multiuser access and you think in terms of
sets rather than tables. You only ask for those records that are of
interest and not entire tables. The Paradox way translates to


whereas in Firebird you should do something like

SELECT Name, Address FROM MyTable WHERE Name STARTING 'Hércules'

(i.e. be specific about which fields and records you choose).

Firebird is a lot better than Paradox for multiuser access and large
tables (50000 records is very small), whereas Paradox is good for
singleuser access on small tables.

Wishing you luck in learning client/server databases,

--- In, "Listas" <listas@h...> wrote:
> A findkey in this table is very, very slow.
> What is wrong with FindKey in IBO?
> Are there some new approach to realize this search?
> StoredProcedures?
> Who can help me?
> I have few time to convert this application.