Subject Re: [IBO] LookupCombo in a grid
Author Lucas Franzen
Hallo Chrisitan,

Christian G├╝tter schrieb:

> Hi,
> I have got a problem putting a LookupCombo into a grid.
> The LC works like a charm when it is put on my form, but
> when I drop it into my grid, it does not even show up
> at runtime.
> I have tried a lot, but nothing worked.
> I even took the good old Getting Started Guide and did
> it step by step, but it did not work.
> As I said, the strange thing is that the LC works when it
> does not reside in the grid.
> It would be great if someone had a hint what I could do.

seems to be a german user problem at the moment...

Have a look at the IBO newsgroup at Holgers newsserver, Kostas had the
same problem and just solved it.

In his case it was that he didn't add the lookup field in the select (he
just had a plain select on a lookupfield and not a join with the field
that should be shown within the LUCombo).