Subject Graceful disconnect/reconnect for IB_Connection
Author etish2000
I have client server application that I am trying to make more
robust. Given a consistent connection, everything works the way it is
supposed to. However, if a network connection is dropped, I am trying
to create a graceful way to:

1) Detect the disconnect and put my clients in a corresponding
recognizable state

2) Automatically keep retrying to connect and once establishm place
the client application back in service.

I have this working to a degree. I detects the disconnect and cab
reestablish the connection as well. However, there is a small window
in which another network disconnect (during the initial reconnection)
throws the client application into a peculiar state in which I am no
longer able to reconnect.

I am using IB Objects and the connection I refer to is one using
IB_Connection to connect to a Firebird database that is
central/crucial to my application.

I have looked through the help files on IBO but cannot find a decent
reference on how to approach this problem.