Subject IBODataset Threading
Author Hans Hoogstraat
Hello Jason,

Would you consider the following small changes to IBODataset.pas to allow
proper threading ?

This allows
IBODataBase.IB_Session := IBOSession;
upon creation/start of a thread

subsequent IBODataBase.Connect;

requires to be encapsulated in a Critical section to work 100%, but no
problem :)

function GetMaxRows: integer;

// hans added
procedure SetIB_Session (Avalue: TIB_Session);

property DataSource read GetDataSource write SetDataSource;

//hans delete and added property
// property IB_Session: TIB_Session read GetIB_Session;
property IB_Session: TIB_Session read GetIB_Session write SetIB_Session;

//hans added
procedure TIBODataset.SetIB_Session(Avalue: TIB_Session);
begin InternalDataset.IB_Session := Avalue; end;

function TIBODataset.GetIB_Session: TIB_Session;